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Much More Than Your Regular Pub

As you know Rayzrs Pub is located in the Yorkton Hotel which was built in Yorkton in 1902 by James Lee of Winnipeg. Initially it was named in the French word order "Hotel Yorkton" in lieu of Yorkton Hotel. This was also indicative of the intent to make it a more grand place in the similar class as some of the C.P.R. Hotels, such as "Hotel Saskatchewan" in Regina for example. 

From July 18, 1927 to November 28, 1945 the Yorkton Hotel was owned by Harry and Same Bronfman. These infamous hotel owners were known for their connections to Al Capone and the bootlegging business during Prohibition. It is well known that Yorkton had a series of underground tunnels that were used in the smuggling of alcohol. 

Over the years there has been a number of owners of the Yorkton Hotel. In 2006 that is when it came alive once again and is now where we call home. 

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